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Spa Packages & Signature         
The Royal Escape 4.5 hours  $210.00
 Relax and enjoy with your choice of back massage or salt glow, followed by a Spa pedicure and Spa manicure, then finished with a light touch of makeup. Your choice of lunch will be served.
Day of Bliss 5 hrs        $252.00
The ultimate in stress relief. Begin your day with a relaxing Aromatherapy facial, followed by a spa pedicure and spa manicure. Then drift off during your scalp massage, during your shampoo and style. A light touch of makeup will be applied to finish your day. Your choice of lunch will be served
Special Occasion 2.5hrs   $82.75
Ideal for bridal party or graduation. look your best with shampoo and style, manicure finished with a makeup application.
Pedicure $42.00
lash tint  $15.00
Up do      $22.50
Complete consultation     $163.45
*Must be prepaid
Includes: Trial makeup & up-do
Day of makeup & up-do ( A Savings of $27.00!)
Caribbean Therapy (vichy) 1.5 hrs  $121.32
 Embraces you in the healing feel of mountains, sun, sea and air with the power of touch and island sourced plants. Drift away with a salt glow foot treatment, full body exfoliation, soothing body massage, and sea algae body cocoon.
Himalayan Rejuvenation 2.5hrs $190.23
 Go beyond! Enjoy the mind, body connection with this purifying, nurturing treatment. Take a sensory journey to determine body imbalances. A Chandra scalp massage, neti treatment, body exfoliation, massage and purefume steam tent combine to work their magic finished with a shirodhara, exotic!
Body Massage
Swedish relaxation(full body) 30mins $31.50         60mins $51.50
Couples massage (For 2 Guest) 60mins $94.00
La stone Treatment   60min $67.72                              90min $93.11
 Body treatments
 Salt Glow    30min  $52.32
This excellent treatment to exfoliate the body by removing dry, rough skin. Leaves skin soft and revitalized.
Seaweed cocoon 1hr   $87.27
This relaxing treatment utilizes the healing powers of the sea. Re-mineralizes and vitalizes the skin. Excellent for psoriasis and eczema.
 Body contour 1hr   $86.25
Diminish cellulite and lose inches, increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and nourish the skin to remove toxins from body tissues to create firmness and promote elasticity.
Course of 4 treatments $329.00(includes complimentary contour cream.)
 Mocha Java Cocoon 1hr $86.25
Moor mud infused with coffee, to boost metabolism and burn fat! infused with vitamin E, hemp and orange oil to leave skin feeling hydrated and silky soft.
 Reiki treatment  1hr $51.80
Drift off to sleep while you allow the flow of healing energy to relax you from your head all the way down to you toes. Works on the energy centers of the body to bring your inner balance.
Accurate, unique and non-invasive state of the art technology that uses specific light frequencies to safely rejuvenate the skin.
       For dazzling results every time! 
Treatment protocols for anti-ageing, rosacea and acne. Reverse's sun damage and hyper pigmentation areas.
$112.00 per Treatment
$433.00 per 5 Treatments
                 (savings of $127.00) 
We have Treatments available for all your skincare needs from anti-ageing, to acne to discolouration.
60 min         $92.50
90 min         $112.75
teen  45min   $51.50
Mens 45min    $51.50
    Add ons: 
perfecting plant peel             $16.50
 Equivalent to a 30% glycolic peel but without long-term effects of harsh chemicals and with no irritation or redness 
Eye zone treatment 30 min   $36.50
       facial add on                     $25.00 
Shirodara                      $40.80
chandra scalp Massage           $30.60
Hot stone facial massage      $10.20
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